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Zimmer Segmental System

The Zimmer Segmental System is a modular salvage knee prosthesis intended to replace the distal femur, mid-shaft femur, proximal femur, and/or total knee in cases that require extensive resection and restoration. The Segmental System is also compatible with selected components from NexGen? Rotating Hinge Knee System offering significant flexibility for reconstructions. ?Using this system, it is possible to totally replace the lower limb from the mid-calf to the hip.?

  • Trabecular Metal? proximal femoral and tibial options provide additional fixation through soft tissue reattachment
  • Segmental Distal Femoral XT components are designed to provide increased ?hypertension resistance over the original ZSS Distal Femoral Component1,2*
  • Multiple tab locations on proximal and distal femur designed for intra-operative implant rotational freedom
  • Segmental one-piece hinge post ensures a minimum 40 mm jump-height as polyethylene thickness increases in size
  • Trabecular Metal collars for extramedullary bone bridging


*Laboratory testing not necessarily indicative of clinical performance

Additional Information

  1. Data on file at Zimmer Biomet. 2016. ZRR_WA_2590_12
  2. Data on file at Zimmer Biomet. 2015. ZRR_WA_3029_15


*Laboratory testing not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.?

Legal Manufacturer:

Zimmer, Inc.
1800 West Center Street
Warsaw, Indiana 46580?USA

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